My name is Grayson, and I am an autistic adult, and I live in Minnesota (MN). I am also a husband, a father of 2, a guardian to 2 cats, an artist, a programmer, a collector, and much more.

It's been 595 days since I discovered that I'm autistic, at the age of 33. For literally as long as I can remember, around age 2, I knew I was not the same as other people, but I didn't know why. Not understanding why I'm different, or being able to explain it to others, has resulted in a lifetime of suppressing my true self.

Discovering I'm autistic was a profound experience. My entire life story suddenly made sense, as if I finally got to read the book from my own perspective instead of everyone else's. It has removed a mountainous burden from my shoulders.

I created this site to share my story, in the hope that it might help someone else realize they are part of a neurominority. Finally knowing I am autistic has brought me joy, relief, understanding, proper tools, hope, inner peace, and belonging.